How to Be the Most Clever Guest at the Park

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Survival Tips for Your Next Amusement Park Visit

Are you planning to visit an amusement park this summer? Don’t head off without some prior planning. The time you spend getting ready before you go can save a lot of headaches later on. Make your day the best it can be with these theme park survival tips.

Know the Rules

All parks have rules and restrictions in place to keep visitors safe. Note rides that have height limitations or may require kids to be accompanied by a parent. Find out if there are items that you can’t bring into the park so that you know what you can pack and what you’ll need to buy. Discuss these rules with your kids and set guidelines of your own. Explain your expectations regarding behavior during the trip and at the park to minimize disputes once you’re there.

Go Prepared

Set yourself up for amusement park success with these essentials in a backpack or fanny pack:

• Bottled water
• Spending money
• Fully charged mobile phones
• Extra clothes
• A first aid kit

Also make sure to have a detailed plan that includes what to do if the family gets separated. Take photos of everyone just in case you need help finding each other. While you’re snapping pictures, take one of where you park the car so that you can find it at the end of the day.

Avoid the Crowds

Try to arrive at the park shortly before it opens. Being first in line gives you a clearer shot at popular rides and makes it easier to navigate. Talk to ride attendants to find out the best times to enjoy your favorite attractions.

Budget Your Time

Chances are everyone will start to get tired after hours of walking and going on rides. Avoid fatigue with planned rest breaks throughout the day. If you’re staying in a hotel nearby, consider going back for a power nap to recharge before heading back to the park.

These guidelines will make your next trip to Cliff’s Amusement Park easier and a lot more fun. Visit our website to find the information you need to plan your day. Check out the map of our Albuquerque, New Mexico location, familiarize yourself with park policies and find a nearby place to kick back and relax after a day of fun. At Cliff’s, you’ll find thrills, games, activities and tasty treats to delight the whole family.

What Not to Wear at Cliff’s Amusement Park


amusement park clothes

Spending fun-filled days at Cliff’s Amusement Park is one of the highlights of summer. If you dress for safety and comfort, it’s even more fun. At an amusement park, certain types of clothing items and accessories can put you at risk or make your experience less than perfect. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next visit.

Be Cool

Don’t wear heavy clothes or layered looks to an amusement park on a hot day. The summer sun can be brutal. Choose cool, lightweight clothing to stay dry and comfortable and help avoid heat exhaustion. Lighter colors reflect heat and keep you feeling cooler. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sun block.

Keep It Loose

Avoid wearing tight clothing. Tight clothes restrict your movement and can make activities like rides, games and long hours of walking uncomfortable. Keep your energy and comfort levels high with clothes that fit properly.

Pick Park-Friendly Footwear

When you’re on your feet all day, you don’t want to wear heels, dress shoes or heavy boots. Choose comfortable tennis shoes or walking shoes that stay on your feet securely. Sandals are acceptable as long as they provide adequate support and cushioning and won’t fall off during rides.

Safe, Secure Accessories

Avoid wearing long, loose scarves, necklaces or lanyards that could get caught in the moving parts of a ride. You’ll be moving around a lot at an amusement park, and you may even find yourself upside down, so be sure that your purse, backpack or other personal items have zippers or closures to prevent anything from falling out of them.

Cliff’s Amusement Park Dress Code

At Cliff’s Amusement Park, we want our guests to have a safe and comfortable visit. We ask that you wear shirts, shoes and shorts or pants at all times while enjoying our rides. For our Watermania! attractions, proper swimwear is required. Denim swimwear or swimwear with buckles, zippers or rivets isn’t permitted due to safety hazards. Women and girls are allowed to wear bikini tops in the dry park, but must wear shorts to cover bikini bottoms. Men and boys must wear a shirt in the dry park.  Please don’t wear clothing that displays offensive material, logos or symbols.

Get Dressed and Head to Cliff’s

Once you’ve organized your perfect park-friendly outfit, come on out to see us. With our 23 awesome rides including the famous Texas Rattler, relaxing train rides, kiddieland, water rides, food and treats, there’s something for everyone in the family. Visit Cliff’s Amusement Park online for a preview of the fun that’s waiting for you.

A Sensational Summer Field Trip

amusement park waterCool Down and Have Fun

If you’re looking for fun ways for youngsters to enjoy their summer vacations, Cliff’s Amusement Park has the answer. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of flying high in the sky or dipping and bobbing through the air on rides. Everyone can have fun, relieve stress and enjoy a group outing. We offer special packages for groups of 15 or more, youth groups, summer camps and daycares, with rides and activities that entertain children of all ages. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the park is convenient to both I-40 and I-25. Plenty of on-site parking is available for private cars and commercial vehicles.

Kiddieland features scaled-down versions of big-kid and adult rides for the little ones to enjoy. Children who aren’t tall enough for the big rides can enjoy driving bumper cars designed for small folk, soaring and dipping in dune buggies or spinning through the air in the Li’l YoYo.

WaterMania! offers water play for all ages. Li’l Squirts is a specially designed water park for those under 40 inches tall. Kids can cool down, splash and enjoy hours of safe, fun water play. Big kids will enjoy water slides, wading pools, and bucket dumps in Mega Water Monkey.

Food and beverages are available to suit all tastes. Snow cones, pizza, flame-cooked hamburgers and cotton candy are just a few of the tasty treats available. Thirst-quenching freshly made lemonade, sodas and ice slushes help everyone cool down on hot summer days.


Discounts and Group Packages

Our Youth Group package provides day passes for groups of children and accompanying adults. The package includes special rates for groups of 15 or more for all-day access to rides and the water park. Make reservations for a weekday at least four days in advance for a day of fun. The Youth Group package for 2015 provides an all-day pass at $20 per participant that includes VIP entrance, all the rides, WaterMania! water park and use of the VIP pavilion for lunch. Lunch includes two slices of pizza and a 16-ounce drink. Accompanying adults receive free general admission passes and a special price for a pizza lunch.

Contact us at Cliff’s Amusement Park today to find out more about our summer group rates. Don’t forget to check out our special deals and promotions for more discounts, family nights, concerts and activities.

Hosting a Successful Reunion

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Make Memories at Albuquerque’s Favorite Amusement Park

Reunions are a time to reminisce, laugh and make new memories. Class and family reunions should offer ample opportunities for socializing, but it’s important to plan activities too. If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly reunion idea, consider throwing your party at Cliff’s Amusement Park.

Reunion Planning Essentials

The most important thing you can do if you’re putting together a reunion is stay organized. If you’re planning a school reunion, you should form a reunion committee. If you’re planning a family reunion, designate organizers and a key contact person for each branch of your family.

Squaring away the guest list should be the first priority of the planning team. Decide on the city where the reunion will be held and send out a save the date postcard. After that, finalize details in five important areas.

1W6A08441.    The venue where the reunion will be held should be in an easily accessible location. The venue should have lots of on-site activities, making an amusement park an ideal location.
2.    The date for the reunion should take into account the needs of families who have kids in school. Remember to keep weather conditions in mind too.
3.    Activities ensure that guests will have plenty of fun at the reunion. Remember to include some group ice breakers if attendees haven’t seen one another in a long time.
4.    Lodging should be close to your event venues. Choose a local lodging option and ask for a group rate. Host morning and evening activities at your hotel, then have fun at Cliff’s by day.
5.    Food and drink can be provided to guests at a set cost, or you can let guests pay for their own food. If you decide to have guests pay for themselves, do consider getting cake or another treat to enjoy at one of your gatherings.

Put the Final Touches on Reunion Day

In addition to squaring away the big details, you should pay attention to a few smaller ones. Plan for how you’ll decorate your reunion space. Consider having attendees wear bright name tags or easily identifiable shirts so that they can connect with one another at the amusement park. You may also want to hire a photographer or rent a photo booth so that guests can preserve their reunion memories.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a beautiful destination for a reunion. Whether guests are returning to their high school home or visiting for the first time, the Southwest is sure to impress. At Cliff’s, we’re here to help you have the most enjoyable reunion possible. Get in touch with us today to find out about hosting your event at our park.

The Adventures of Working at an Amusement Park

Employee Photo

Why an amusement park should be on every teen’s summer job list

An amusement park isn’t usually the first place that teens think of when looking for a summer job, but working at one of these exciting destinations can be a lot of fun. The unique setting offers many opportunities for teens to learn and grow.

It’s a New and Different Experience

Most jobs that teens land for the summer involve running a cash register, bagging groceries or serving food. While these are all good ways for young people to make money, they tend to be rote or repetitive. Amusement park jobs, on the other hand, can provide a chance to participate in many different activities over the course of the season.

You Get to Be Outdoors

Being stuck inside when it’s nice out can be a bummer for teens. Most amusement park jobs put kids outdoors running rides, watching people in a water park area or walking around in costume. Water park jobs can be especially nice on hot days since teens get to be near pools and other cool, wet rides.

You Meet a Lot of People

Hundreds or even thousands of people can pass through a theme park on a daily basis. Most of them are there to have fun and are full of energy. This positive vibe rubs off during interactions with employees, and if there are groups of regular patrons, it’s possible to strike up some new relationships.

You Get to Entertain People

Some amusement parks have themed attractions or costumed mascots that make the experience more fun for visitors. Teens who enjoy performing in character can put their natural flair into action as part of a show and have fun entertaining spellbound crowds of both kids and adults.

You Learn Responsibility

Operating rides requires attention to detail and a focus on the safety of every passenger. Teens have to be much more alert when doing these jobs than when cashiering or working a drive-thru window. Being a water park lifeguard is an especially important position that only the most responsible, well-trained teens should undertake.

Cliff’s Amusement Park brings in 200 teens every summer to staff the theme park during its busiest season. Young people ages 15 and up can enjoy the excitement and variety working in this popular Albuquerque, New Mexico attraction. Contact Cliff’s today to inquire about employment opportunities or visit our website to fill out an application.

An Exceptional Employee Incentive

Great Entertainment Discounts and Employee Parties Are a Boon for Employees

With the economy rebounding, finding great employees to power your enterprise is more important than ever. Attracting the top talent means offering a competitive compensation package and advancement opportunities. For many jobseekers and employees, special incentives are also important. Crafting an incentive program is a good way to motivate your current employees and to attract new talent to your company.

Developing or Evaluating Your Employee Incentive Program

Incentive programs are used by many businesses, and they can vary widely from workplace to workplace. Some businesses focus on offering financial incentives while others give employees free merchandise or gift certificates in return for excellent work performance. If you’re designing an incentive program for the first time, consider holding special contests that reward employees for excelling in one area. For example, you might offer a reward to the sales team member who brings in the most new leads during a given month.

You should offer incentives to employees for special achievements, but it’s also a good idea to offer just-because incentives. Simple, free items such as coffee and donuts one morning a week or discounts to popular attractions and amusement parks make great just-because incentives. As you think of the everyday incentives you’d like to offer to your employees, consider discount programs that benefit your workforce without costing you any money. Such incentives are a great part of the fringe benefits package that potential employees will evaluate when interviewing with your company.

Why Discount Programs are Perfect for Your Employees

Of course, celebrating the families of your employees is also a great way to encourage your team to excel. Keep this in mind as you design your incentive program. Discount programs in particular are a great way to reach out to the families of employees. Offering a discount to an amusement park is a great place to start. Your employees will appreciate that you’ve gone out of your way to ensure they can enjoy quality time with their families.

Discount programs are also great for employees because they allow them to stretch their paychecks farther. Consider offering discounts to water parks, zoos, aquariums, movie theaters and the ballet or symphony. The key to designing a great incentive program with discounts is to offer variety to your employees. After all, not everyone who works for you will want to hit the zoo or go to the ballet. Give your employees as many good options as possible.

If you’re looking for great amusement park discounts to offer to your Albuquerque employees, choose Cliff’s, we have excellent discount ticket programs that can be set-up at no charge to you. As a Best of the City winner, we’re a great choice for your incentive program.

Give Your Employees and Their Families the Ultimate Reward

Incentive Programs and Discount Programs are great places to start when rewarding your employees, buy why not take it one step further.  Company events or picnics with your employees and their families is a great way to boast morale and create and fun environment for employees and their families to get to know each other outside of the workplace.

Cliff’s Amusement Park offers several different fully catered company party and picnic packages that can be customized for companies of 15 employees to several thousand.

Water Safety Tips From Cliff’s WaterMania!

WaterMania Website 1When the temperatures rise, there’s no better place to keep cool than at Cliff’s WaterMania! in Albuquerque, a family-friendly park for everyone from tykes to grown-ups. While all rides at WaterMania! are designed with your security in mind, we need your help to maintain the same high safety standards on the ground. Here’s what you can do to keep bumps and bruises at bay while you and your family play:

• Teach your children that running and diving aren’t allowed in water parks.

• Take a look at our signs and listen to directions from our staff. At Cliff’s, we’re committed to keeping you safe!

• Wait for rides to clear before taking your turn.

• Sunglasses and goggles should be secured around the head with thick straps.

• On rides, always face forward and keeps arms inside the slides.

What Your Kids Should Wear

WaterMania Company PicnicWater parks are designed for slips and stumbles – just the fun kind. To make sure your young ones aren’t at risk for injuries, check their swimsuits for potential hazards. Exposed buckles, big zippers, rivets, and other add-on accessories can get caught on park equipment or damage the water tubes. Babies who are headed for our toddler-friendly Li’l Squirts area should be wearing waterproof diapers.

Out in the sun, UV protection can be just as important as safety gear. To avoid having to reapply sunscreen when your kids take breaks between rides, switch to a high-SPF, waterproof formula. When out of the water, stay covered with wide-brimmed hats, UV sunglasses, and protective clothes.

Safety First

Remember that while our WaterMania! attendants are always on hand and ready to spring into action, it’s important to keep an eye on your children at all times. In case of an emergency, whether you need help or see someone else in trouble, let one of our staff members know immediately. We’re never too far away.

Visiting us soon? Contact Cliff’s Amusement Park or head to our homepage for more information about safety rules and guidelines for WaterMania! attractions.

Catch a Thrilling Ride on the New Mexico Rattler

If you’re visiting Albuquerque, don’t leave before you’ve had your bones shaken and your hair raised by a thrilling ride on the New Mexico Rattler. Voted one of the top 25 wooden coasters in the world, the Western-themed Rattler treats its guests to one-and-a-half minutes of its adrenaline-pumping venom as they whoosh by at about 50 mph. Towering over spectators at Cliff’s Amusement Park, the 3,000 foot wooden-track coaster weaves its way above, below, and around the park’s other rides and attractions with exhilarating, unpredictable twists and turns.

The Coaster That Almost Wasn’t

The New Mexico Rattler is one of the U.S.'s premier wooden roller coastersThe Rattler was designed by Custom Coasters International (CCI), a company often credited for bringing wood roller coasters back into the spotlight during the 1990s. CCI produced a total of 34 wood roller coasters, most of which are still in operation. While building the Rattler in 2002, the company filed for bankruptcy, and completion of the two-million-dollar coaster was delayed. Cliff’s Amusement Park promptly hired the construction crew to finish the Rattler, and it was officially debuted on September 8, 2002.

The Bite of the Rattler

Like most wooden coasters, the Rattler delivers a raw and intense experience. The coaster’s layout is one of only a few of its kind. It’s a hybrid between a simple out-and-back and a tightly constructed twister roller coaster variety. The Rattler starts out with a 100-foot ascent that provides a stunning mountain view. The climb is soon followed by a breathtaking first drop. The ride then goes on to feature 11 curves, ten hills, four more drops, two helix maneuvers, and a trip though a 100-foot long underground tunnel. As New Mexico’s only wooden coaster and the unquestioned star of Cliff’s Amusement Park, the New Mexico Rattler is a must-see attraction on every daring traveler’s to-do list.

Prepare to Be Rattled at Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque, NM

There’s only one way to truly appreciate the power and artistry of the Rattler, and that’s to ride it. While you’re recovering from its fearsome bite, you can enjoy even more fun, food, and exhilarating thrills at Cliff’s Amusement Park. To help plan your day, visit us online where you can get driving directions, buy ride passes, and learn more about our irresistible attractions.

Must-Ride Coasters for Adventurous Teens

Getting the biggest thrill at Cliff’s Amusement Park

Teenagers love experiences that get their hearts pumping and make life more exciting, which is what makes Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque the perfect family destination. What started as a kiddie park in 1959 has grown to a multi-acre theme park with areas for the whole family to enjoy.

For teens, the biggest attractions come in the form of our unique thrill rides. At Cliff’s, you’ll find roller coasters and more that give the older kids in your family the rush they’re looking for in a safe environment.

Another great Cliff's thrill ride is the Cliff HangerCliff Hanger

For teens looking to reach new heights, there’s the Cliff Hanger. Not for the faint of heart, this ride carries passengers a stunning 120 feet into the air and drops them back to the ground in a fast-paced descent that’s sure to leave even the hardiest teens breathless.

The Fire Ball

The Fire Ball features an 80-foot-tall single loop track that sends riders zipping back and forth at the breathtaking speed of 13 times per minute. Teens will scream, shout, and gasp as they’re brought around the loop multiple times in one ride before coming back down to earth. Once the ride is over, it’s up to them to decide if they’re ready for another round.

New Mexico Rattler

If your teens like roller coasters, they’ll love this classic wooden one that spans the entirety of our park. The New Mexico Rattler boasts a track that’s nearly 3,000 feet long and includes all the best features of a roller coaster: fast pace, tight turns, hills, drops, and even a tunnel that goes underground. The thrill seekers in your family won’t be disappointed after a ride on the coaster that was voted one of the top 25 in the world.


Our Sidewinder thrill ride is perfect for teensHold on to your lunch! The SideWinder seats riders in harnesses facing outward with their legs dangling into thin air, then swings them out at a 120-degree angle until they’re 80 feet off the ground. Spinning as it goes, this fast-paced pendulum ride delivers maximum thrills to anyone with a stomach strong enough to stand it.

Our goal at Cliff’s is to make sure that you and your family have the time of your life any day you choose to visit. Whether you’re stopping by to check out our famous roller coasters or are on a seasonal trip to check out our Magical Christmas attraction, Cliff’s has something that will thrill everyone. Visit our website to get your passes today or to find out more about our exciting rides.

10 Tips for Amusement Park Safety

Staying safe during vacations to amusement parks

Many families head to theme parks over vacations and holiday breaks. Rides, shows, and other fast-paced fun await those who head out to these parks. While there’s plenty to look forward to when headed to a theme park, it’s important to remember to keep safety your top priority.

Amusement parks are naturally bustling, busy places. It can be easy to lose track of your family or belongings when you get caught up in all the excitement of the park. Before you head to the theme park, brush up on safety tips. Keep these 10 tips in mind while enjoying your theme park vacation time.

Please obey all safety rules and height requirements1. Always obey the safety restrictions posted on rides. Make sure that everyone in your party getting on a ride is the appropriate age and height.

2. Slather your family with sunscreen before heading out for the amusement park in the morning. Carry extra sunscreen with you and re-apply it throughout the day.

3. Be sure to drink plenty of water while at the park.

4. Immediately report any concerns you have about a ride or amusement park feature to staff. Let a manager know if a ride seems to be broken or if equipment isn’t functioning like it should.

5. Wear comfortable, non-binding clothing. Avoid wearing items that are too loose, as they may become entangled in rides. If you’re visiting a park during a sunny time of year, consider wearing UV-blocking clothes.

Mind the restricted areas and safety signs6. Stay away from restricted areas, construction zones, and areas reserved for employees only.

7. Avoid getting on rides if you’re pregnant, have serious health conditions, or have recently been injured.

8. Don’t stay at the park until you drop. Visiting attractions while tired can significantly increase your risk of injury.

9. Make a plan for how you’ll tackle your amusement park visit. Decide what rides and attractions you want to see. You can be flexible, but having a schedule will help ensure that your family or group stays together and that you all get the most of your time at the park.

10. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Report any suspicious individuals, activities, or possessions to park staff immediately. If you’re visiting with small children, be sure to keep them in your sight at all times.

The beautiful climate in Albuquerque makes Cliff’s Amusement Park a great family destination. Our friendly, professional staff is here to help you make the most of your time and have a safe, happy trip to our park. Let us know how we can help you stay safe and sane during your visit.